Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Corporate Standards

Protak Consulting Group is an ESG-conscious employer, setting an example for clients, colleagues and associates with our daily practices and policies.

  1. Environmental:
    • At Protak, we work on and share files electronically, with minimal (if any) requirement for printing and packaging, thus reducing our carbon footprint and effect on the environment
    • When given the choice, we opt for the electronic version of bid submissions as opposed to the hard copy printed version (which would also require transportation to the receiving unit).
    • We don’t maintain a physical office space. As the members of our management team prefer to work remotely from their own locations, we only need to rent a coworking space once a month for team meetings. The rest of the time we are eliminating the commute and helping the environment with less cars on the road every day.
    • We also work to advocate for our consultants to work from home where possible, which leads to lower gas emissions.
  2. Social:
    • Protak employs a small, diverse team of employees for daily operations
    • We are an equal opportunity employer, considering candidates from all walks of life, race and religion, with the essential qualifications, from anywhere in the world. We act as advocates on behalf of our resources when proposing their services to our government clients.
    • Protak has developed and adheres to a policy supporting equity, inclusivity and accessibility for all in the workplace.
    • Members of Protak’s in-house team are required to complete anti-racism training as part of their onboarding process
    • Our in-house team has received unconscious bias training through GBA+.
    • A strong work/life balance is key to worker safety, health and satisfaction. We support this balance at Protak by ensuring our employees have ample time off to pursue other interests, to rest and to keep personal commitments – even if it is in the middle of a typical workday.
  3. Governance:
    • Our Operations Manager works closely with our Security Officer and our Chief Executive Officer in order to maintain and update contracts, billing, invoicing and records.
    • No one works within a silo and all information is shared for better accuracy, cyber security, and accountability.
    • We have strict policies and procedures in place for the responsible administration and management of corporate funds, contracts and expenditures as well as personal data and information.
    • In terms of Risk Management, we ensure that our Recruiter is actively searching for qualified consultants in the areas that we most commonly serve, so that we can build a pool of resources. In this way, we can easily provide a substitute or additional resource if one is requested by a client, thus reducing or eliminating delays to project progress.

Our corporate standards for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) will continue to grow and evolve as we do. This is a living document reflecting work in progress.